The Japanese Tie Dye Hoodie Style Comes Like A Storm In Fashion World

Japanese Tie Tye Hoodies

Have you ever wondered how many tie dye Shirts or dresses you have in your closet which are no longer used? These clothes could be stashed away because they are no longer in style or they are just plainly worn out. Most stylish designers excel at their jobs because they know how to make and recreate. You can be like them if you rummage via your clothes, take out the ones that you no longer use, and then plan to restore these pieces to your present wardrobe. If you want to make your own designs for those skirts, shirts, dresses and even beddings, then tie dyeing is best for you. Tie dye is a artistic pattern that almost every person appreciates. All it takes is a pretty imagination and you can make your very own tie-dye shirts. 

You can simply buy any of these tie dye hoodie from department stores and internet shops but nothing could be more fun than to the tie dye your own clothing. First, you need to know all the stuffs that you are going to need for your new project. Gather squeeze bottles, old tees, rubber bands, gloves, soda ash, plastic bags, a bucket and, definitely the fabric eye. 

After gathering all the stuffs that you need, the next step is to spend some time practicing. You do not want to run those shirts, no issue how old they are, so it is excellent to practice on some scraps of fabric first. Put on the gloves then try your very first tie dye sweatshirts. You will get different outcomes as you tie dye each and every fabric so you could experiment on how tight or how loose you want to tie your tee. 

After experimenting, you are now ready to soak the tee in water and wring it out. Ensure that the tee is not dripping as you lay it flat across a surface. Then, gently combine the dye with water. Shake the bottle well and let it set for a few minutes. Next, pick the tee with your forefinger. Ensure that the rainbow tie dye hoodie is not dripping as you lay it flat across a surface. Then, gently combine the dye with water. Shake the bottle well and let it sit for a few minutes. Next, pick up the tee with your forefinger. Place your finger in the center the tee then slowly twirl. Ensure that the white tee remains flat as you continue to twist to about three to five inches. You can now wrap the wadded tee with three to four rubber bands. 

Submerge the tie dye pant and shirt in a sink that is full of water and soda ash combination for about 30 minutes. After that, take the tee and wring it once more. Lay down a plastic bag then place the tee on it as you apply the rest of the dye mixtures. Get another plastic bag then cover your tee for about twenty-four hours. A full day should be perfect for all the colors to stain the shirt. Rinse with hot water, remove the rubber bands, and then dry it out. 

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