Japanese Street Fashion trend and style

    While considered as many as outlandish, daring and provocative, Japanese style has come a long way from being just about school uniforms and anime Hoodies. Their attractive and flamboyant outfits have largely been influenced by Japans big underground club scene. Osaka and Tokya is where Japanese street fashion is at its best. By adopting a combination of present and traditional trends along with local and foreign labels, Japanese youth have created their own special blend of style.

Japanese street fashion has a big range of styles and trends. Youth were more elaborate in their make-up and dressing patterns. Eccentric patterns, bright colours, heavy jewellery, hand-made garments, matching and mixing jeans and tank tops with traditional wear like Kimonos, is their way of making statements about their cultural experiences and way of life. Cosplay, Kogal, Lolita, Ganguro are some of the most sought after styles that Japanese show display on the streets.

Lolita is a style with many subcultures, such as Punk Lolita, where lace, beads, chains, and wristbands are famous accessories along with peach colour and pink prints. Gothic Lolita targets on style emerging from the Victorian age such as black-made-up, dark colours, ribbons, anime street fashion, and heavy brooches. The Ganguro art of dressing is similar to North American youth trying to replicate blonde and tanned models and celebrities. The look consists of dark or light tanned bodies, dyed or bleached hair, hot month dresses and platforms. Their exaggerated outfits and looks, is their attempt at westernizing themselves dramatically.

    The Kogal style is where young Japanese women show their wealth via various tastes in fashion and music. Wealthy parents generally support young girls who are into this style. They keep themselves up-to-date with Japans ever-rising mobile technology. They adorn themselves with big boots, skirts pinned extremely high, dramatic make-up and new in American fashion brands and Japanese clothing. Many view the growth of Gothic Lolita to be a reaction to the materialism desire that rises with the Kogal trend. Costume play, shortened to Cosplay is a trend where dressing of characters from anime, manga, fantasy films and video games is encouraged. The Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the Matrix series are some Hollywood films which increased the status of Cosplay artists. Japanese youth styled in Cosplay clothing are generally viewed at different public gatherings such as nightclubs, theme parks dedicated to like-minded clothes and many high profile Cosplay parties.


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